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1. Personal Magnetism
2. Evidence (Featuring The Soft Moon)
3. That Sudden Switch (Featuring Xeno & Oaklander)
4. Talk (Beneath Your Dreams) Featuring Matthew Dear
5. Neon Vertigo
6. Changelings (Featuring Gazelle Twin)
7. My Town
8. Have A Cigar
9. A Falling Star (Featuring Gazelle Twin)
10. Cloud Choreography
11. Shadow Memory
12. Walk
13. Myriads
14. Only Lovers Left Alive
15. Talk (I Speak Machine Mix) (Featuring Tara Busch) [Bonus Track]

John Foxx and the Maths Evidence


Released: September 2012

Evidence is the third release from John Foxx and The Maths, bringing together collaborations and remixes alongside new material.

2011's The Shape Of Things took a darker approach, in what seemed to be a deliberate attempt to avoid repeating the almost pop sound of Interplay – and of the new material on Evidence, things have gone darker still and further leftfield.

Evidence features several short instrumentals – it clearly sounds like there is a Maths instrumental album dying to emerge, with the tracks "Personal Magnetism", "Neon Vertigo", "Shadow Memory", "Cloud Choreography" and "Myriads". On the other hand, the new vocal songs such as "Evidence" and "That Sudden Switch" leave the listener yearning for more of the same, although "Walk" and "Only Lovers Left Alive" return to now overly familiar lyrical themes of a man, a woman, a city and a suit. Overall, the new tracks on Evidence remain in comfortable musical territory, perhaps hinting that The Maths have finally arrived at their destination.

Between pieces sounding reminiscent of early Human League and a booklet full of imagery straight from a vintage episode of Tomorrow's World, there is a mysteriously retro feel to Evidence. One of the highlights is the Maths' take on Gazelle Twin's "Changelings", followed by their unlikely cover of Pink Floyd's "Have A Cigar". Other collaborators include The Soft Moon, Matthew Dear and Xeno & Oaklander.

Given the amount of quality new material that has emerged from John Foxx And The Maths over the last couple of years, it's no crime that Evidence doesn't really stand up as an album in its own right, owing to the diverse range of material on offer. Evidence was originally planned as an EP, but grew into a fuller collection through the inclusion of the recent collaborations. Consequently there's little flow or theme to the music that almost leaves it feeling like a bookend to The Maths' work to date. That said, it won't disappoint existing fans and hopefully the material with trendy names such as Tara Busch or Xeno & Oaklander will draw in new admirers.


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