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Disc one
01. Glimmer
02. Plaza
03. No-One Driving
04. Underpass
05. Quiet City
06. Dislocation
07. 030
08. Twilight's Last Gleaming
09. Sunset Rising
10. Cities Of Light 5
11. Europe After The Rain
12. Hiroshima Mon Amour
13. The Garden

Disc two
01. Through My Sleeping
02. Endlessly
03. My Sex
04. He's A Liquid
05. Carcrash Flashback V2
06. Dancing Like A Gun
07. Just For A Moment
08. Dislocated (with Jori Hulkkonen)
09. Burning Car
10. Miles Away
11. Stepping Sideways (with Harold Budd)
12. Free Robot (with Metamatics)
13. No-One Driving (early version)
14. Plaza (extended version)
15. Burning Car (Dub Terror/Karborn 2008 mix)


Glimmer - The Best of John Foxx

Released: 2008

Glimmer brings 2001's Modern Art up to date and provides the definitive John Foxx compilation album. A smartly slipcased double CD, Glimmer focuses on the whole of Foxx's career, both solo and his work with Louis Gordon.

The Foxx/Gordon tracks, such as "Quiet City", a new mix of "Cities of Light 5", "Through My Sleeping" and a variety of Ultravox reworkings from the Exotour, are particularly welcome, alongside classic singles such as "Underpass", "No-One Driving" and "Europe After the Rain". "Twilight's Last Gleaming" is the only track representing Foxx's 1983 album The Golden Section and 1985's In Mysterious Ways has been overlooked completely, along with recent works such as Crash and Burn, From Trash and the acclaimed Tiny Colour Movies, which sadly makes the picture feel slightly incomplete. However if this album is designed as a sort of introduction to Foxx’s music, new fans are surely in for a treat.

Tasters of Foxx's ambient Cathedral Oceans work and 2003 collaboration with Harold Budd break up the electronica, and the second disc ends with a previously unreleased extended version of "Plaza" and an early version of "No-One Driving" as well as the recent Dubterror/Karborn remix of "Burning Car".

Glimmer being slightly Metamatic-heavy comes as no surprise, given that it is still widely regarded as Foxx's best album and an innovative work for its time. This collection is at least more than a singles collection, boldly attempting to provide a snapshot that covers the huge scope of Foxx's musical output over the last 30-odd years, and despite the omissions, it does just that.

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