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Live From A Room (As Big As A City)

01. Intro
02. Sex Video
03. Making Movies
04. Metal Beat
05. No One Driving
06. Plaza
07. Underpass
08. Touch & Go
09. He's A Liquid
10. Broken Furniture
11. Ultraviolet / Infra-Red
12. Nightlife
13. My Sex

Live From A Room
John Foxx and Louis Gordon –
Live From A Room (As Big As A City)

Released: 2006

Released for Foxx and Gordon’s summer tour of 2006, Live From A Room (As Big As A City) was recorded at Longwave Rehearsal Rooms, in June 2006, and offers new live studio reworks of a selection of tracks from Foxx's back catalogue.

Several of the new arrangements featured sound how they did when Foxx previously toured in 2003, others have been prepared for the 2006 tour. The tracks from 2003's Crash and Burn barely sound different to the album originals, while the earlier tracks from the Metamatic era have been given a suitable refresh, yet remaining true to form.

2001's "Nightlife" has been significantly altered and extended, but perhaps most impressive of all, is the new arrangement of early Ultravox! track, "My Sex". Sounding like a long-lost electronic classic,the new version of “My Sex” is just as much of an integral part of John’s back catalogue as it was way back in 1977.

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