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Metal Beat

Disc one
John Foxx talks about the making of Metamatic. It also includes some early synthesizer experiments and extracts from demos of “No-One Driving” and “Touch and Go” .

Disc two
The Metamatic interview concludes, and also features a short piece of music called “Jane”, tracks retrieved from two 1980 tapes marked “Music For Film and Instrumentals” and extracts from a 1979 demo of “Like a Miracle” and an extended version of “Plaza.”

Metal Beat

John Foxx – Metal Beat

Released: 2007

Metal Beat is an in-depth interview between Steve Malins and John Foxx, spanning two CDs, where he discusses the making of his landmark solo album, Metamatic.

It also includes some previously unreleased demos of “No-One Driving”, “Touch and Go”, “Like a Miracle” and an extended version of “Plaza”. There are also snippets of drum machines and analogue synthesizer experiments, dating back to 1979/80 when Foxx was recording the album. There is also a 30-second track called “Jane” which came from a 1980 tape marked “Music for film and instrumentals”.

With Metamatic regularly referred to as a groundbreaking album in terms of electronic music, it is fascinating to hear Foxx talking so openly and fondly about his memories of working on it, and his thoughts and inspirations behind the various lyrical and musical concepts.

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