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7” single release, UK
March 1980
VS 338

7" single disc (two track version)
"No-One Driving" (3.46)
"Glimmer"  (3.35)

7" single disc (three track version)
"No-One Driving" (3.46)
"Glimmer" (3.35)
"Mr. No" (3.12)

7" double disc (gatefold sleeve)
"No-One Driving" (3.46)
"Glimmer" (3.35)
"This City"  (3.05)
"Mr. No" (3.12)

No-One Driving:
The single version is slightly different to the Metamatic version in sound mix and lyrics; the line "..someone's gone liquid in the sheets.." on the original version is replaced by "..someone's gone missing in the sheets.." on the single.
The single version is featured on the John Foxx compilation albums "Modern Art - The Best of John Foxx" (2001), "Metatronic" (2010) and "Glimmer - Best of John Foxx" (2008).

This instrumental track appears on the 2001 and 2007 re-releases of Metamatic and is the opening track to the eponymous compilation album (2008).

This City:
A strong vocal track which was not included on the Metamatic album, although it is included on the 2001 and 2007 re-releases of the album and on the compilation albums Assembly and Metatronic.

Mr. No
Another strong instrumental track which remained exclusive to this release until being included on the Metamatic re-issues in 2001 and 2007. It is not included on any of Foxx’s compilation albums although it was remixed in 2005 by Joakim for The Vanity Project on the New Religion label.

Remixes and re-issues

An “early version” of No-One Driving is included on the Glimmer compilation album.  Live versions feature on Live From A Room (As Big As A City) (2006), A New Kind of Man (2008) and Analogue Circuit (CD & DVD, 2012)
This City has also been performed live by John Foxx and Louis Gordon as documented on the Omnidelic Exotour and Retro Future albums.

Promo video

Included on the Metatronic DVD (2010)